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Sunyé Assessors, S.L. is an agency dedicated to advising on the different areas of your company, such as: tax, labor, accounting and commercial, as well as including other types of specific service.

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Our firm was founded in 2005, although our professionals have extensive experience in the different areas of activity, of more than 30 years. We are a consultancy specialized in the jewelry-watchmaking sector, which is why among the other services we provide is specific advice on aspects of this sector such as, among others, the purchase and sale of gold, files of security measures , as well as the Prevention of Money Laundering.

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We are not limited only to this area, but our clients are framed in the most diverse sectors, both business and professional: doctors, trade representatives, hairdressers and beauty centers, restaurants, new technology companies, audiovisual sector, gyms, concessionaires and workshops, tourist accommodation, writers and training professionals among others.

The staff of Sunyé Assessors, S.L. It is made up of a group of professionals with extensive experience in labor, accounting and tax matters. Charo González is collegiate number 4255 of the Official College of Social Graduates of Barcelona, ​​and we act as recognized external experts in the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, as established by Law 10/2010.

Due to the large number of legal updates on these matters, the advisors of our company are in constant training and are aware of such news at all times.


Our mission is to be able to satisfy our clients by giving them a personalized and close treatment, helping them in everything they need.


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